Master thesis Peng Chea

Master Student Peng Chea: 

"I received my master degree in the Elastomer Technology and Engineering (ETE) group at the University of Twente with the thesis title “Investigation, improvement and extension of a new viscometer for rubber compounds”. The first purpose of this study is to define the whole theory related to the oscillatory rheology in order to determine the unvulcanised rubber melt’s properties such as phase lag, storage modulus , loss modulus  etc. The second purpose is to investigate the effect of pressure on rubber viscosity so that this effect can be implemented in the flow simulations to get better numerical solutions.

My experience with my supervisor professor Anke Blume and the rest of the staff of the ETE group was amazing. First of all, they had adequate knowledge in their fields to help me. Secondly, they were always willing to guide me through the obstacles."