Master Assignment Rick Bisschop

Feedback Report ETE of Rick Bisschop

"When I look back at the time that I was a master student in the ETE group I have to say that  it was a great time. It was a very close group and I had a lot of contact with my fellow  students which was really instructive and expanded my rubber knowledge. Since the  students came from all over the world, it was interesting to talk with them and get an insight  into the different cultures. Besides, the group organized several fun activities during the year.  

My master thesis was in cooperation with Trinseo, a German manufacturer of synthetic  rubber, which was a great opportunity to work together with a large company. I had the  chance to visit them for one week to understand the production of rubber and how they  develop new polymers. The discussions with the company and my supervisors were really  useful and improved my understanding of the rubber complexity. "