1st meeting ECC advisory board

Proudly it can be announced that the first meeting of the Advisory Board and the management team of the Elastomer Competence Center took place on June 6, 2019. Three experienced people agreed to be part of the Advisory Board:

Rikus Eising, the former dean of the UT faculty of Engineering Technology, Petra Vogelsang from the company Vernay and Janneke Hoedemaker, UT, Mesa+.

Additionally, the founders of ECC were present: Mireille Kinket and Priscilla Lips from the Polymer Science Park (PSP) and Wilma Dierkes and Anke Blume from the Elastomer Technology and Engineering (ETE) chair of the UT. The team was supported by Andries van Swaaij and Fabian Grunert, both from ETE. Furthermore, also the recently appointed program manager joined the meeting: Michael Viol, who will start in his position in September 2019.

The roles and responsibilities of the advisory board members were discussed during the meeting: the Advisory Board will provide “wise counsel” on issues raised by the ECC management and will provide unbiased insights and ideas from a third party point-of-view. They will encourage and support the exploration of new business ideas and act as a resource for executives. They will provide a social networking platform and encourage the development of a framework that enables sustainable growth of ECC. And they will monitor business performance and impose challenges to the ECC management that could improve the business.

The Advisory Board will meet every three months and will bring up discussion topics concerning organization, management and business strategy.

We wish the Advisory Board and the program manager much success for their upcoming tasks!