Room: HR N152
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Position: PDEng student
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Personal profile

  • Working as a PDEng trainee in dynamics based maintenance group since October 2016.
  • Graduated from an Erasmus Mundus European Masters program in Naval Architecture (2015).
  • Worked as a marine engineer officer between 2005- 2013. 
  • Overseen several new ship building and maintenance projects worldwide.
  • Experienced in advanced naval architecture, structural, machinery and statutory matters.
  • Interested in engineering principles, product design and customer support.

PDEng project summary

The objective of the PDEng project is to design and validate a predictive maintenance tool for a maritime propulsion system, based on modeling the physical failure mechanisms and applying the monitored variation in loads and usage. The work is a continuation of a project “Integrated Maintenance and Service Logistics Concepts for Maritime Assets” (MaSeLMa), which focused on developing innovative concepts, to improve the predictability of maintenance & service logistics, and developing smart concepts of service logistics optimization, supply chain coordination and cooperation.

The project specifically focuses on

  • Designing a method for selecting the components in a system, that are suitable for predictive modelling, taking into account the operational criteria, and validating this by a number of case studies.
  • Developing a life prediction tool for the exhaust valves of a diesel engine, based on the physical mechanisms involved in the degradation of these components, by taking into account the variations in usage of the engine, by connecting the tool to available data (sensor measurements, usage profiles) and validate the tool using registered failures. Finally, recommendations to be made to add sensors or inspection / failure registrations, to improve the predictability of valve degradation.

Host organization

The project is executed in cooperation with the Royal Dutch Navy, Damen, Pon Power, Fugro, Loodswezen, Smit Lamnalco and Oliveira.