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Ir. Andrea Sanchez Ramirez (A.)


Room: HR N135
Tel.: +31(0) 53 489 3405
Position: PhD-student

Main Research Interest

I see the use of vibration monitoring as a tool for listening what machines have to say about their condition and performance. This is more like when the doctor uses a lot of fancy equipment to find out that you just have a cold or something more serious… The problem is that sometimes you need to use the proper sensors and locate them in the proper spot to really being able what the problem is. That is why my research project deals with autonomous sensor networks that make possible to be real free to place the machine “stethoscope” close enough to better diagnose the patient.
The application chosen to explore the idea of wireless sensor networks is a helicopter blade, One of the most challenging any engineer could think of… Rotor blades is where the most fun about helicopters happens. Unfortunately current technology limits accessing the helicopter blades when they are rotating, but using autonomous sensor networks, that is about to change…

Research Projects


Wireless Vibration based Monitoring Systems. Smart, autonomous wireless sensor network based structural health and condition monitoring systems for aerospace , transportation and industrial applications.

Recent jobsMECAL

Parallel to my studies in the Netherlands, and some time as a freelancer (2009-2011) I worked for Mecal Wind Farm Services as a vibration analysis. Condition monitoring for wind turbine drive train. This was a nice time for learning about spectral analysis, time waveform and demodulation at 80mts high.


I worked one year for SKF Latin America as business engineer for condition Monitoring.

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Oil Experience

On 2004, 2007 and 2011 I had contact with Oil Industry as predictive engineer.