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Room: HR N118
Tel.: +31(0) 53 489 4463
Position: Associate professor
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Main Research Interest

Structural Health and Condition Monitoring of materials and structures, based on their dynamic behaviour. Typical research topics: delamination damage identification in composite structures, structural dynamics, wave propagation in thin and anisotropic materials and in solid materials; vibroacoustic modulation, signal processing. This research is part of the research performed in the research institute Twente Is Maintenance Excellence.

Teaching Activities

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  • Statics for Industrial Design Engineering (Module 1: 201300029 Introduction to Industrial Design)
    Basic mechanics of internal and external forces operating on a construction at rest.
  • Statics for Mechanical Engineering (Module 1: 201600100 Production and Design)
    Basic mechanics of internal and external forces operating on a construction at rest.
  • Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering (191157710)
    Introduction into numerical methods, such as Finite Element and Finite Difference used for solving engineering problems. Examples are flow simulation, dynamic analysis, explicit versus implicit simulation etc.
  • Structural Health & Condition Monitoring (201300039)
    Evaluation of various technologies to assess the structural performance and/or condition of a (dynamic) system. Topics addressed are: wear and condition in rotary systems, damage identification based on structural vibrations and on active and passive wave propagation, signal processing, failure mechanisms and predictive maintenance.
  • Failure Mechanism & Lifetime Prediction (201300038)
    Base principles of loads and failure mechanisms, i.e. fatigue, creep, corrosion, wear, and application in predictive maintenance and failure analysis
  • Supervisor Academic Reseach Skills, BSc & MSc Assignments
    Various assignments related to ongoing research on structural health and condition monitoring. Generally, assignments include both theoretical and experimental work. Topics range from dynamic problems to signal processing problems to sensor technology development. Students of other faculties or educational programs are welcome to inform about the possibilities to do their assignment for me.

Organisational Activities

Member of the Education Committee of Industrial Design Engineering

Research Projects

Richard is involved in a number of European or national funded research projects. He collaborates in these projects with other universities, research institutes and industry. An overview of the research projects can be found on the Research page of the group.


Running: Long distance running (LAAC Twente), PR on marathon: 2:34:53 (Eindhoven Marathon 2016).

Athlete of The Running Academy NL, sponsored also by Step One Borne.



Member of the organising committee of the 12th International Conference on FlowProcesses in Composite Materials (held July 2014).

Recent jobs


After finishing my PhD (2006), I started to work for the engineering office Reden as a FEM specialist, mainly involved in developing models to solve non-linear problems. In 2008 I changed my full time position for a parttime position and started as part time assistant professor at the chair of Structural Dynamics and Acoustics.



I did my PhD for the chair of Production Technology. The subject was permeability of fibre reinforcements.