Postdocs, PhD's and PDEng's

Neda Mostafa (N.) MSc.


Room: HR N142
Tel.: +31(0) 53 489 2207
Position: PhD-student

Main Research Interest / Name of Research Project

Bridge Watch: Smart and robust health monitoring concept for road bridgesDESTinationRAIL: Decision Support Tool for Rail Infrastructure ManagersBridges are an essential part of the transportation system that are aimed at forming an integrated network by connecting crossed tracks. Monitoring and maintenance of these structures is continuously needed not only for proper functionality but also for failure prevention. To achieve these goals, structural health monitoring system has been aimed to achieve these goals.

Research Projects

NWO KIEM BridgeWatch

Smart and robust health monitoring concept for road bridges. This project involves the process of observation a reinforced concrete highway bridge which needs to be equipped with transducers through the current project. Collection and interpretation of sensors output makes it possible to do a health monitoring of the structure.

DESTinationRAILDecision Support Tool for Rail Infrastructure Managers. This project aim at developing novel techniques for identifying, analysing and remediating critical rail infrastructure. The target techniques will provide a decision support tool for infrastructure managers to make intellectual investment base on reliable data.