Spacar 2010 - Known bugs and revision history

The 2010 release of SPACAR add new elements and keywords compared to the previous 2009 release. Furthermore the visualisation has been enhanced.
  • 9-Sep-2010: Corrected bug that could hamper the initialisation of large systems. In addition, more variables are stored in the SBD-file. These variables show up in the Matlab workspace. Their meaning is currently undocumented, but will be applied in a future update of SpaVisual.
    In Spasim (for Simulink) it is now possible to write output to an SBD file for subsequent analysis or visualisation.
  • 2-Jun-2010: Corrected bug in undocumented feature only.
  • 25-Mar-2010: Corrected bug in SpaVisual that occured while plotting the (undocumented) mode-0.
  • 22-Mar-2010: Initial public release. In the case you encounter any difficulties and you do not need this new version, you should consider using the previous 2009 release, unless you need to use the features in the 2010 release.
    Licence is valid until April 1, 2011.
See the main introduction on how to contact the authors in case you encounter problems not mentioned here.