Spacar 2009 - Known bugs and revision history

The 2009 release of SPACAR add new elements and keywords compared to the previous 2008 release. Some rarely used keywords have been abandonned. Check the manual for the currently supported keywords.
  • 4-Jan-2010: New licence is valid untill July 15, 2010.
  • 1-Oct-2009: Bug fix mode 3: State space input matrix for a flexible system.
  • 8-Sep-2009: Update to achieve Matlab R2009a compatibility. Matlab R2009b has been tested as well.
  • 9-Jul-2009: Change to mexw32 extension. Small bug repair.
  • 2-Mar-2009: Initial public release. In the case you encounter any difficulties and you do not need this new version, you should consider using the previous 2008 release, unless you need to use the features in the 2009 release.
    The visualisation with spavisual does not always succeed.
    The tutorial for prototype modelling will be available in about two weeks.
    Licence is valid until December 31, 2009.
See the main introduction on how to contact the authors in case you encounter problems not mentioned here.