Spacar 2008 - Software download

The SPACAR files are stored in ZIP-archives or, in Microsoft Windows XP, a compressed folder. In Windows XP you can easily open such archives, but of course you may chose to use your favourite unzipper.
The ZIP-archive (size Byte) includes all files that are needed to run Spacar with Matlab/Simulink.
You may also download two ZIP-archives (size Byte) and (size Byte) with the files that are used to run the examples in the manual and in the tutorial for prototype modelling, respectively.

Installation notes

First of all, you should create a folder e.g. C:\Matlab\toolbox\spacar. Next, you extract the files from the SPACAR ZIP-archive into this folder. There are three types of files:
  • Files with the extension .DLL are the actual executables of the SPACAR package. The original SPACAR-code (not provided) is written in C, C++ and Fortran77, compiled and linked into so-called MEX-modules, that are executables for use within the Matlab-environment. The following files must exist: checksbf.dll, combsbd.dll, getfrsbf.dll, loadsbd.dll, loadsbm.dll, ltv.dll, mrltv.dll, repinsbf.dll, spacar.dll, spacntrl.dll, spasim.dll.
  • Files with extension .M are the Matlab-files necessary to use the SPACAR program. The following file must exist: spadraw.m. spavisual.m and a lot of private\*.p files.
    Other M-files provide help text for the MEX-modules. These files are: checksbf.m, combsbd.m, getfrsbf.m, loadsbd.m, loadsbm.m, ltv.m, mrltv.m, repinsbf.m, spacar.m, spacntrl.m, spasim.m.
  • Files with extension .MDL are Simulink models. There is only one file which is actually a library from which the SPACAR modules for use in Simulink can be copied: spacar_lib.mdl.
The (optional) data files can be extracted in a separate working folder.

The files in the SPACAR folder should be in the Matlab path when Matlab is running. There are two ways to accomplish this:

  • The best practice is to change the settings of the Matlab environment by adding the SPACAR folder to the Matlab path. This modification is either temporary or permanent. The path can be modified from the pulldown menus with File|Set Path, or by using the Matlab commands PATH or ADDPATH.
  • Alternatively, if you are not allowed to modify the Matlab settings or you want to run Spacar just once, you can make sure that the SPACAR folder is the local folder. You can verify this by typing PWD. If necessary, change your local folder by typing cd C:\Matlab\toolbox\spacar or whatever folder you have chosen to store your files.
In case you are upgrading from an older version of SPACAR you better (re)move all old files before installing the new ones as there may be some incompatibilities between the current version and older releases.

Time limited licence

The freely downloadable student version has a time limited licence that may only be used until December 31, 2099.