Next Scan Technology


Spin-off from Venture Lab Twente (NIKOS/University of Twente)


Company founded 2010


Full telecentric scan head, achromatic optics, ultra high speed beam deflection


Next Scan Technology develops and markets laser scan head architectures for advanced laser material processing. The genesis relates to a 20 year track record in (OEM) design and manufacturing of high speed high precision laser systems for large formats. The knowhow is upgraded into a scalable scan platform to enable the utilization of ultra fast pulsed fast lasers in accuracy, speed & format.

The key feature is proprietary full telecentric F-Theta mirror optics. High speed beam deflection enables the improving high repetition rates. The latter increases full telecentric surface scan times up to a factor of 50 compared to commercially available scan systems on the market.

The chair Applied Laser Technology is in the process of setting up a research-project to research laser material interaction and damage thresholds based on high repetition rates enabled by high speed scan head architecture. The managing director/co-founder of Next Scan Technology holds a TOP position where the team will leverage the results into the next step in industrial laser micromachining.


Customers of Next Scan develop high end manufacturing equipment to process high tech materials used in solar, flat panel or flexible displays, life sciences and rapid prototyping. Next Scan Technology will focus on design and marketing of scan head architectures, addressing the future scan head needs in advanced material processing.


If you are interested to learn how your advanced material processing can be leveraged by high repetition rates, please feel free to contact us.

Lars Penning
+31(0)315 23 11 61