Laser Application Center (LAC)


Spin-off from the Chair of Applied Laser Technology


Knowledge application


The Laser Application Center (LAC) helps companies with laser materials processing. Our customers receive direct applicable knowledge and/or products, fully tailored to their specific needs, with a short lead time and for a fair price. We don’t do research for the sake of it, but because our customers need the application. Since laser materials processing usually requires a steep learning curve and a large initial investment, our work can save our customers a lot of time and money, and help to improve their competitive position due to better and/or cheaper products. Our knowledge and experience is with the following laser processes: welding, cutting, cladding, drilling and micro-machining. We cooperate closely with the Chair of Applied Laser Technology of the Laboratory of Mechanical Automation, where we are also situated.





Our customers come first, second and third. We believe we can only be succesful if our customers are successful. Therefore we provide what is best for our customers to buy, not what we want to sell. Furthermore, we realize that we can add a lot of value by thinking about the big picture and by offering -in good consultation- what is best for our customers, instead of what they ask for initially. We do this even if it costs us money in the short term.

For instance, in the past we helped a customer who came to us for laser welding his product, to re-design his product so that no more laser welding was necessary. We have also advised customers that gluing or mechanical clamping would be better for their specific product than laser welding. By doing this, we might lose an order in the short term, but we gain a satisfied company and a possible customer in the long term. Since much of the work we do is critical to the competitive position of our customers, we offer to sign a non-disclosure agreement.


For advise to be valuable, it needs to be provided by an independent person who is also skilled and experienced. The LAC are completely independent, since we receive no commission from any supplier and don’t own any laser equipment. For our research work, we rent whatever equipment we think best suits the current task. This way, our customers can be sure that we use equipment which best suits their situation, not equipment that we might have at hand but is not ideal. Also, renting equipment makes us more flexible: if the equipment we need is not available at the University of Twente (where we are situated), then we are usually able to use the equipment at a company or institution from our large network. Our skilled staff have much knowledge and experience, not just with laser material processing, but also with other types of material processing.



Below is a summary of some research and development work we have performed:

  • Research to find out if a certain material can be processed with lasers, and if so, which equipment and parameters are best; Redesign of a product so that it can be processed optimally with laser; Design of fixation for laser welding;
  • Design of a specialized machine;
  • Advise on which equipment to buy;
  • Participation in fundamental research programs.


Although our main focus is on research and development, we do process small batches of products (e.g. for prototypes, initial series or special products).


We organize a couple of courses per year, many times in cooperation with other organisations like the University of Twente, M2i, PATON, and Flexweld. Courses can be organized in a public location or in house, on the subject of every laser material process, and for employees from operators to management.

Some common courses we offer:

  • Introduction to laser technologyworkshop_disk_jun09-2
  • Introduction to laser welding
  • Design For Laser
  • Laser welding of zinc coated steel
  • Laser materials processing (with PATON)
  • Besides common courses, we also offer tailored courses on laser cladding


Every year we organize the LaserEvent in cooperation with the University of Twente, M2i and Syntens. At the LaserEvent, companies, researchers and suppliers, meet to exchange the latest on the subject of laser materials processing. The next LaserEvent is planned for Tuesday March 30, 2010.



Interested to know what we can do for you? Then please get in touch with us:

Ir. Paul Hartgers (director)
+31(0)53-489 2072 / +31(0)6-55188639