Structural Dynamics, Acoustics & Control (SDAC)

The research group ‘structural dynamics’ started research in 1987 in the field of acousto-elastic interaction. The current research activities of the group are mainly focused on two themes:

  • Fluid-structure interaction and acoustics, with emphasis on thermal viscous wave propagation and acousto-elastic coupling and the accompanying noise production.
  • Structural dynamics, involving rotating components in machinery and optimisation and actuation of vibrating structures.

The research of the group aims at generation of new, fundamental knowledge by combining numerical and experimental techniques. Based on this knowledge engineering tools are validated and made ready for application in key industrial problems. A characteristic feature of all themes is the innovative use of advanced numerical simulation methods in a design environment. Crucial information that is difficult or even impossible to obtain from experiments is added through numerical models. The group closely collaborates with national and international partners. Clicking one of the links below will provide additional information on these fields of interests, including our partners and some summaries of finished graduation projects.