Magister Project

Workshops & Symposia

To provide a joint basis of knowledge and team spirit in the project, six training events are organized for project-wide training in important scientific aspects of the projects, engaging the world’s best experts in the field.  

Training event 1. Summer school: Thermo-acoustics and combustion dynamics in aero gas turbine engines.

At the end of Month 12, a summer school is organized on the subject of MAGISTER. Lectures on and demonstrations of spray combustion, thermoacoustics and aircraft engines will be organized. A visit will be organized to the aircraft engine maintenance facilities of Rolls Royce. The lecturers will be experts from academia and the aircraft industry, providing instruction at entry level. This will allow the newly recruited ESRs to familiarize themselves with the subject.

Training event 2. Workshop A: Machine Learning, Combustion and Acoustics in aero engine combustors.

Machine learning is a major tool to be acquired in the project. The topic of Machine Learning will be taught in deep by an expert in the project, composed of the University of Cambridge. In addition, the project requires of each ESR a thorough knowledge of acoustics in complex flow systems such as aircraft combustors. Theory of acoustics, measurement methods and data acquisition are lectured in the workshop at the University of Cambridge by an international expert in acoustics.

Training event 3. Workshop B: CFD for spray flame simulations.

CERFACS in Toulouse will organise a 4-day workshop to train students on the LES technique for the simulation of spray injection, atomization, evaporation and combustion in transient turbulent reacting flows. This involves mesh generation and quality, discretisation schemes, initial and boundary conditions as well as turbulence modelling, combustion and two-phase flow. Classes and courses will be accompanied by hands-on sessions using the codes of CERFACS (AVBP/AVTP/PRISSMA).

Training event 4. Workshop C: Soft skills, ethics, intellectual property rights and management.

In Munich workshop A will be organized jointly by TUM and GEDE. Experts of GEDE and TUM will provide lectures on intellectual property rights and management, including the GE Fastworks method. Good management, job and personal performance and satisfaction rely heavily on knowledge of ethics and on soft skills. Therefore these will be lectured thoroughly in the 4-day workshop.

Training event 5. Workshop D: Measurements in spray flames in aircraft type combustors.

At the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) a 4-day workshop will be organized on the laser diagnostic equipment available for measurements of the properties of liquid and gas fields. World-class experts will provide lectures and hands-on demonstrations will be given on the spray test rigs at KIT. Data management is very important, and therefore instruction will be given on project-wide data storage and consistency of generated data.

Training event 6. Symposium: Aero Gas Turbine Engine Combustion Dynamics and Acoustics: Prediction and Remedy.

For academic training, apart from visiting conferences, the team of ESRs will organize an international symposium on the MAGISTER theme: “Aero gas turbine engine Combustion Dynamics and Acoustics: Prediction and Remedy”. This will take them through all the details of a conference procedure. Very important is the additional outreach and dissemination that is reached through the symposium. The output and results that are open to the public can be presented for wider use within European industry. Location of the event will be Munich at the GEDE/TUM facilities.