Instructions for uploading of (extended) abstracts

The submission and review of your (extended)abstract for FPCM 12 will be carried out with the help of the online conference management system “EasyChair” (see for more information). With this system you can upload your (extended) abstract and can check on its review status.

You need to go through a relatively straightforward procedure. First you need to create an account with EasyChair if you do not have an account already. After completion of this procedure you can go to the EasyChair page of FPCM 12 and upload your (extended) abstract. The complete procedure is explained in details below.

  1. Author account setup
  2. Uploading of abstracts before October 1st, 2013
  3. Uploading of extended abstracts

In the unfortunate event you need additional support, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Author account setup

The first step is to set up an account (username and password) as an author. You need to go to the designated EasyChair link for this conference:

You will see the screen as shown below in Fig. 1. If you already have an EasyChair account, you can use it. Otherwise, you first have to sign up for an account, by pressing “sign up for an account”.

Fig. 1. The login page of “EasyChair” for FPCM 12.

You will then be directed to a new page as shown below in Fig. 2. Follow the instructions and fill in the distorted words that appear. Subsequently, press the “Continue” button in the lower left of the screen.

Fig. 2. First step of signing up for EasyChair for FPCM12.

Now, you need to fill out the form, shown in Fig. 3. Take care that you correctly type your email address.

Fig. 3. Step two for signing up: please fill out the form.

After registering, you will be send an email, that resembles the one shown in Fig. 4 and confirms your entry.

Fig. 4. Confirmation email from EasyChair

Press the link and fill out the form. If you do not receive an email, please have a look in Fig. 5 below for the possible causes.

Fig. 5. What can you do if the instruction mail does has not been received.

Hello User_Name! To complete the creation of your account please fill out the following form.

You should create the account within 20 minutes, otherwise you will have to fill out this form from scratch.

Fig. 6. Complete the form to create the account.

As soon as you completed the form, please press the button “Create my account” in the lower left of the screen (see also Fig. 6) and your account will be created. EasyChair updates you with the screen as shown in Fig. 7. This is the final step to setup an account.

Fig. 7. Your EasyChair account has been created.

If your username appears to be taken, it might be possible you have signed up for EasyChair in the past for another conference. You can simply ask EasyChair (see Fig. 1) to remind you of your password that goes with the username.

Uploading of abstracts before October 1st, 2013

After logging in to the FPCM12 EasyChair website you will see the screen shown in Fig. 8. It contains conference information and important dates for the conference. Abstracts can be submitted by pressing New Submission in the upper left of the screen.

FPCM-12 Login for User_Name

User_Name, welcome to EasyChair! You are logged in as author.

This session will expire after two hours of inaction.

If you log in and cannot find information your are looking for, for example, you are a PC member but EasyChair only recognizes you as an author, please read the Help Page on frequently asked questions..

Fig. 8. The main page for authors

Before you are able to start the submission procedure, you should agree to the Terms of Service set by EasyChair, see Fig. 9. Read the terms, click the appropriate box and press continue.

Fig. 9. EasyChair Terms of Service.

EasyChair responds with the message shown in Fig. 10.

Fig. 10. Acceptance message from EasyChair’s Terms of Service.

Press New Submission again and you will obtain the relatively long window, shown in parts in Figs. 11a, b and c, respectively. In the top part of the screen the address for correspondence needs to be filled in (Fig. 11a). In the middle part of the screen all contributing authors should be provided. The number of authors can be extended by pushing the “click here to add more authors” button (Fig. 11b).

The bottom part of the screen (Fig. 11c) should be filled in with the title, the abstract (maximum of 500 words) and relevant key words (at least 3). Please click on the box “Abstract only” and do not upload a paper in pdf format. We only look at the plain text abstracts. The procedure to upload manuscripts will be clarified after the reviewing process. Please check the content of every form and then press Submit at the lower left of the screen (see Figs. 11c). Uploading might take some time.

Fig. 11a. Top part of new submission screen: address for correspondence.

Fig. 11b. Middle part of new submission screen: participating authors.

Fig. 11c. Bottom part of new submission screen: title, abstract, key words. Please click on “Abstract Only” and do not upload a Paper!

Uploading of extended abstracts

After logging in to the FPCM12 EasyChair website you should press Submission (in the example below Submission 1), to retrieve all information of the abstract submitted last year (see Fig. 12).

Fig. 12. Selecting Submission to start the uploading procedure of extended abstracts.

Then, press Submit a new version in the box in the upper right (see Fig. 13). In this way you will overwrite the previously sent abstract (we have a copy of the abstract) and replace it by the extended abstract.

Fig. 13. Submit the extended abstract by selecting Submit a new version .

The window now shows the authors and title of your contribution, see Fig. 14. Please press Choose File to select your extended abstract. The abstract should follow the FPCM12 Extended Abstract Formats available: there is a TeX template and a Word template. The extended abstracts must be submitted either in:

  • Microsoft Word (MS Word),
  • TeX (if figures are included, please put all files in a zip or rar archive) or
  • PDF format.

More information can be found on the FPCM-12 website (Abstract submission).

To finalise the submission procedure, press Submit a new version. An email will be sent to you to notify the submission of the extended abstract.

Fig. 14. Submit the extended abstract by selecting Submit a new version .

Final remarks

If you need to modify the extended abstract at a later stage, you may use this procedure to resubmit the latest version. If other information needs to be updated, follow the links in the upper right box, shown in Fig. 13.