Journal Paper Composites Part A

In addition to the earlier messages on the submission of a manuscript for the Composites Part A special issue of “Flow Processes in Composite Materials”:. The papers can be submitted between

Monday July 7th and Monday July 14th.

Between those dates, “FPCM-12” can be selected as the “Article Type”.

Original news message May 29th 2014:

All those, who are invited to submit a manuscript for Composites Part A based on their conference presentation, are kindly reminded of this option. The deadline for the submission of this full paper is: 14th July 2014. Please indicate for “Article Type” ‘FPCM-12’ during the submission.

Note that acceptance for the conference is not a guarantee for the publication of your manuscript: it will undergo the normal reviewing process, under the responsibility of the journal Composites Part A.

Original news message October 1st 2013:

The organising committee is pleased to announce that the board of Composites Part A has agreed on offering the possibility to submit a manuscript for a special edition on the FPCM conference. The submission is subject to the following conditions:

The author’s abstract must be accepted for oral presentation (see Important Dates)

The manuscript must be submitted the latest at July 14th 2014

The manuscript is accepted or rejected according to the normal review process, controlled by the editor

The manuscript must satisfy the format specified by Composite Part A