Euromech colloquium 2012

Venue and travel


The colloquium will take place at the University of Twente in Enschede, the Netherlands.

Twente is a region located in the Eastern part of the Netherlands, near the border with Germany. The University of Twente was founded as a university of technology in 1961 in order to increase the number of academic (university) engineers. The university campus is situated on the beautiful Drienerlo estate, between the two cities of Enschede and Hengelo. Modelled on the Anglo-Saxon example, the UT is the only real campus university in the Netherlands. The beautiful landscape of the UT campus, embellished with modern architecture, forms a unique environment for student life, sports and study. Up-to-date facilities offer an optimal environment for research. No doubt, the UT campus will offer an inspiring environment for this EUROMECH colloquium.

Travel information


  • Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS) has many direct connections all over the world and it has a convenient train connection to Hengelo/Enschede, see below.
    Other Dutch airports have only a limited number of international flights.
  • Alternatively, German airports relatively nearby are e.g. Münster/Osnabrück (FMO, 55 km), Düsseldorf (DUS, 105 km). Connectivity by public transportation is not as easy as between Enschede and Schiphol.
  • You may check e.g. this site for alternatives, but don’t be fooled as it lists Enschede Airport Twente, which is not operational at the moment.


The University of Twente is situated between the cities Enschede and Hengelo, that can be reached well by train:

  • There is a convenient connection to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport with two trains every hour. The travel time is somewhat over two hours. Once every hour there is a direct connection between Schiphol and Hengelo and there is another hourly connection with a change in Amersfoort. When continuing to Enschede, you sometimes have to change at Hengelo as there are international trains from Schiphol to Germany that stop at Hengelo, but don’t pass Enschede.
    Don’t panic, you can check the schedule on the NS site or ask the train staff. Don’t forget to purchase your ticket before going to the platform or entering the train. In Schiphol there are yellow ticket machines at several places, e.g. at the central “Schiphol Plaza”.
  • Hengelo has an international train connection to Osnabrück, Hannover, Berlin. International trains also travel between Enschede and Münster or Dortmund. This latter connection is quite frequent (hourly to both German cities), but not so fast. You can check the DB site for the schedules as it accepts Dutch destinations as well.


When travelling by car, there are good connections to the Dutch and German motorways:

  • The Dutch motorway A1 connects Hengelo with the western part of the Netherlands and with the German motorway A30 to Osnabrück. Enschede is at the A35 that is connected to the Dutch A1 and the German B54 to Münster. This B54 is also connected to the motorway A31 between Bottrop/Oberhausen and Emden.

See also the University’s route description and campus map.

More travel details can be found on our web page with accommodation and local maps.