Euromech colloquium 2012

Accommodation and local maps


Hotel accommodations are available on and adjacent to the campus (see also the map below):

Conference Hotel Drienerburght (on the campus)

Drienerlolaan 5, 7522 NB Enschede
Phone: +31 (0)53 433 13 66
A number of rooms have been reserved for participants of our colloquium at a special fare of € 74.50 per night including breakfast. You can book a room using the web site. Check the availability and then click on “Book with access code”. Enter the access code “Euromech” to login. Now you can check your reservations, make changes and book. These reservations are only valid until January 15, 2012.

Eden Hotel De Broeierd Enschede

(adjacent to the campus, about 1 km from the colloquium’s lecture room)
Hengelosestraat 725, 7521 PA Enschede
Tel: +31 (0) 53 850 6532 or +31 (0) 53 850 6506
A number of rooms have been reserved for participants of our colloquium at a special fare of € 95.00 per night (price subject to change in 2012). Breakfast is available for € 15.50 per person. To book a room at these rates you can call the hotel or send an email and mention “Euromech”. These reservations are only valid until January 13, 2012.

Other hotels can be found in the cities of Enschede or Hengelo. There are various booking sites that can guide you.

Local map and transportation

A map of the University area is the University’s campus map. This map shows many details. Alternatively, you can look at this overview:

On this map the hotels mentioned above and the location of the colloquium’s lecture room are indicated. Click on it for an interactive interface with Google Maps

As you can see there is the train station “Enschede Drienerlo” is nearby, but at this station only regional trains stop and the distance to the relevant location on the campus is about 1.5 km.
From the major train stations Hengelo and Enschede the campus can also be reached by bus as outlined on the University’s route description. An overview of the bus stops at and near the campus is given in this map:

To Hengelo (city and train station)
To Enschede (city and train station)

Bus stop “De Zul” is close to hotel Drienerburght and to the conference venue. It is served by bus lines 1 from Enschede and line 15 from Hengelo.
Bus stop “Viaduct” is at the entrance of the University campus and is served by bus lines 8 and 9.
Bus stop “De Broeierd” is close to the hotel with the same name and is served by bus lines 8, 9, 15, 16.
About the schedules:

  • Line 1 leaves Enschede train station to the University. It goes two ways, so assure that you take line 1 with the correct destination (Universiteit or UT).
    On Sunday it departs every half hour from 10:10 – 23:40 but then serves e.g. UT/Reelaan and UT/Bastille (not UT/De Zul).
    On weekdays it departs every 10 or 15 minutes and serves all UT stops.
  • Line 15 is available on weekdays and leaves every half hour between 08:03 – 11:03 and 16:03 – 17:33 from Hengelo train station to UT/Hoofdingang (=main entrance). On its way back to Hengelo it stops e.g. at UT/De Zul and De Broeierd.
  • Line 16 is only available on Sundays and leaves every half hour between 16:03 – 23:33 from Hengelo train station to e.g. UT/Calslaan and UT/De Hems. On its way back to Hengelo it also stops at De Broeierd, but it doesn’t serve UT/De Zul.

Alternatively you can prefer to take a taxi from the Hengelo or Enschede railway station to the campus.

Much traffic on Sunday afternoon: All travellers on Sunday February 26 near the University campus may expect some rush hours in the afternoon. This Sunday afternoon the football team FC Twente plays a match in Enschede. The stadium, “De Grolsch Veste”, is just next to the railway station Enschede-Drienerlo so also close to hotel De Broeierd and the University campus. About an hour before the match starts at 14:30 and also immediately after the match at about 16:30 the traffic will be very busy in the complete area near all these places. If possible you better try not to travel during these rush hours. Note that during the match there will not be much traffic. Many parking places will be occupied but the hotels have their private parking areas.

See our web page with venue and travel information for direction on how to reach us by plane, train or car.