The University of Twente was built on the former country estate of Drienerlo, situated between Hengelo and Enschede. On this beautifully landscaped 140 hectare estate, comprising woodland, meadows and water, architects Van Tijen and Van Embden designed the Netherlands’ first - and so far the only – campus university along American lines. Students and staff live, work and pursue their leisure activities on campus. Through the years, several other important architects and artists have made their own contributions to the design of the campus.The campus enjoys excellent sports and cultural facilities that have stimulated the development of a rich mix of student societies, student social events, and a constant flow of new initiatives. The city of Enschede is a former centre of textile production and many years of renovation work in the city center have transformed Enschede into a vibrant city with modern shopping centers and department stores that until recently were only found in much larger cities. The large numbers of students and artists that leave in Enschede shape the city's layed-back and artistic flair: Enschede is host to many yearly festivals including international Jazz and Blues festivals and the Old Market Square with its surrounding street cafes and bars is the venue for many events, live music, and other activities. Additionally, the world famous Grolsch beer is brewed in Enschede. Enschede is located at the Eastern border of the Netherlands with Germany and is within easy reach of a number of major cities, such as Amsterdam (2 hours), Hamburg (3 hours), Dortmund (2 hours), Brussels (3 hours), or Duesseldorf/Koeln (1.5 hous). The closest airports are Amsterdam – Schiphol (1.5 hours car/2 hours/train), Duesseldorf (2.5 hours/train, 1.5 hours/car), and Muenster (45 min/car).

Possible Activities in Enschede and at the University

If you are interested in one of the below activities, please ask the organizing committee. If there are enough requests we are happy to organize one of the activities below.
  • Sport activities on the campus facilities: e.g. Football match faculty – students, table tennis
  • Festivals (dependent on timing)
  • Bike tour in or around Enschede
  • Casual visit Enschede centre in the evening – cozy but vibrant nightlife
  • Visit to the Roombeck (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roombeek) an area with worldwide acknowledged innovative and unique architecture.
  • Visit to the world famous Grolsch brewery