Global trend

According to several foresight analyses of market development, the world is undergoing a global technology revolution, integrating developments in bio-, nano-, materials and information technologies which have the potential for significant and dominant global impacts by 2020. Integrated technical applications also include ‘smart’ and resistant textiles, known as multifunctional textiles, having properties beyond the pure aesthetic and decorative functions. The functionalization of textiles is an emerging field of research that connects the textile industry with other disciplines such as information technology, micro-systems and materials science.

Our mission

Application oriented fundamental research on fibrous functional materials. Contact point for textile and related industries in the field of advanced interface engineering of fibrous materials

Main emphasis is given to the functionalization of textiles by incorporating functionalizing substances onto textiles surfaces. The research group is a partner of the EU collaborative project 2BFUNTEX, which aims to identify technological gaps and eliminate barriers, resulting in a faster industrial uptake of added value materials with new functionalities.  

Relevance to industry

The Dutch textile market plays a crucial role on the economy and social well-being in the Netherlands. Dutch textiles is a small, but largely modernized and up-to-date, industry. However, the Dutch textile community has recognized that to compete effectively, textile companies have to move forward with more innovative, high quality technical and performance products. Within the sector, one of the key challenges identified is the development of advanced multifunctional textiles for specific end applications and scenarios.

The publication list and the list of proceedings give more information about the research performed.