Funding EU

Start 01-10-2011
End 31-08-2014


The WASH&LOAD project aim is to scientifically characterize latest achievements in science and technology for the development of Guidelines and Pre-normative research aimed at supporting the more than 20,000 SMEs involved in the functional clothing value chain in implementing cost-effective practices for reloading protective functionalities in protective clothing and medical textiles during life cycle, going beyond scattered attempts so far. Addressing this challenge goes beyond the capability of a single SME and requires a collective R&D effort lead by SME groupings and associations at European and national level.

The new WASH&LOAD laundry system is based on a monitoring system controls the concentration of chemicals in the bath during the re-functionalization process ensuring that the correct level of functionalization is proved while avoiding waste; the re-functionalized garment is checked again after the process to assess the functionality level and validate the process. These elements provide the combination of a new product/process/service system, drastically extending the business model of the laundry business.

The WASH&LOAD concept of a validated re-functionalization of textiles is based on the point that functionalization is always kept at the optimal level, by adding just right amount of functional agents; in this way the effectiveness is preserved through the whole life cycle without using excessive quantities of chemicals, hence better breathability of the garment and a reduction of waste.          

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