Functionalisation of (bio)polymers

Textile materials with new advanced functionalities (ADVANBIOTEX)
(D. Jocic, M.M.C.G. Warmoeskerken, A.N. Kulkarni, P.Krizman Lavric, B. Tomsic, A. Tourrette, P.Glampedaki)

The ADVANBIOTEX project explores the potential to modify the surface of textile fibres by coating existing textile materials (mostly cellulosics based) with a thin layer of surface modifying systems based on biopolymers (chitosan and other biocompatible polymers – natural or synthetic). Thus, the new advanced material for specific advanced applications (e.g. medical, safety and care) will be created, containing fibres with conventional properties, but with advanced functionalities and/or environmental responsiveness implemented by the modification of a very thin surface layer of the material. The focus of the project is on: finding the adequate form of effective surface modifying system (nano- or microparticles, emulsions, films and hydrogels) based on a biocompatible polymer; increasing of surface adhesion of existing textile fibres in order to obtain durable coating; and integrating surface modifying system into fabric structure with sufficient durability and still retaining the effectiveness of the surface modifying system.