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Start 01-01-2012
End 31-12-2016


To exploit the untapped potential in functional textile structures and textile related materials, a new European Coordination Action 2BFUNTEX was elaborated with the objective to bring together all innovation actors in the field fostering a multidisciplinary approach between academia and industry. The 2BFUNTEX consortium includes 26 partners from 16 European countries deputizing all important sectors – fundamental research and education on textiles and related materials (universities and research institutes), economic, policy, foresight and complexity management (research institutes and SMEs), associations of SMEs, and some national innovation agencies and governmental chamber of industry and commerce. 

According to a recently published study focusing on textile research in Europe, the Textile and Clothing/Garment industry in Europe is one of the most important innovative manufacturing sectors with a great future. For many decades, the global industry has undergone a remarkable change, especially in Europe. Starting with classic and traditional applications such as clothing/garments, fibre-based materials are used in many industries today around the world. Architecture, geology, landscaping, environment, automotive, aircraft engineering or medicine/healthcare are just some of the current areas of application. Technical textiles are materials and products manufactured primarily for their technical performance and functional properties rather than their aesthetic or decorative characteristics.

Textile technology therefore gains understanding and acceptance  and its resultant perspective features are recognized: diversity, compatibility, flexibility, interactivity, productivity and functionality.

The 2BFUNTEX international team aims to identify technological gaps and eliminate barriers, resulting in a faster industrial uptake of added value materials with new functionalities and improved performance. Technological needs will be mapped, new joint international research disciplines will be identified and multidisciplinary laboratory teams will be created between academia and industry, supporting especially SMEs in the textile sector.

Training materials for research and industry purposes will be elaborated and implemented, allowing a common language regarding functional textile structures and textile related materials, and increasing the number of well-trained people in this field. 2BFUNTEX partners will organize and participate in conferences, workshops and brokerage events. Through the development of an interactive website with an extensive database, collaboration will be boosted and rapid industrial uptake catalyzed and enhanced.

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