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PhD thesis defense Usha Bhaskara

On Thursday, April 23rd, 2015, Usha Bhaskara has defended her PhD thesis entitled ‘Antibacterial textiles’.

Antibacterial textiles

This thesis explores the application of antibacterial functionality on to textile substrates during a laundering process. These textiles find application in hotels, hospitals and food industries.
Two distinct methods of application were considered namely; the single step & the multi-step method. Two separate antibacterial agents were chosen for both these methods. This thesis describes the experiments done to determine the critical bulk concentrations required during the treatment via both these methods for the textiles to achieve the pre-determined antibacterial activity.
A mathematical model was developed to describe the textile adsorption and desorption kinetics of an antibacterial molecule and this was subsequently validated with experiments.
This PhD further describes the fixation of textiles with β-cyclodextrin molecules which function as hosts that are capable of holding (or complexing with) several types of guest antibacterial molecules. Results of the antibacterial tests done on the textiles treated via the single step & the multi-step methods are further elucidated.