Project description


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Advanced Functionality of Textiles by Biopolymer Surface Modification



Contract details

Call: FP6-2005-Mobility-8 (EXT) (Marie Curie Excellence Grant)
Submission deadline: 25/01/2006
Scientific panel: EXT-2006-ENG
Contract Number: MEXT-CT-2006-042641 
Duration: 48 months (15/12/2006 – 15/12/2010)

Research topic

The surface structure and behaviour are of the utmost importance for the properties of textile materials in processing and use. The knowledge from which ADVANBIOTEX starts is that by appropriate surface modification of textile materials new functionalities can be implemented. The originality of the project is reflected on the idea of coating existing textile materials (mostly cellulose-based) with a thin layer of surface modifying systems (SMS) based on biopolymers (chitosan and other biocompatible polymers, natural or synthetic). In this way new medical, safety and care textile materials will be created, containing fibres with conventional properties but with advanced functionalities and/or environmental responsiveness implemented by the modification of a very thin surface layer of the material. The main challenges in achieving this goal lay in:

  • finding the adequate form of effective SMS (nano- or micro- particles, emulsions, films and hydrogels) based on a biocompatible polymer;
  • increasing the surface adhesion on existing textile fibres in order to obtain durable coating;
  • intergrating SMS into fabric structure with sufficient durability while retaining the effectiveness of the SMS.

Research objectives

Primary research objectives of the ADVANBIOTEX project are:

  • study of the fundamental aspects of the surface modifying systems (SMS), mainly focusing on molecular mechanisms and physicochemical principles for achieving new functionalities and/or environmental responsiveness;
  • development and actual preparation of appropriate forms (nano- or micro- particles, emulsions, films and hydrogels) of the SMS based on biopolymers, mainly focusing on the characteristics that implement new functionalities;
  • study of the principles by which the SMS based on biopolymers can be successfully integrated into existing textile materials and act synergistically with them for bestowing new advanced properties, mainly focusing on the methods for optimizing surface adhesion onto the fibres while maintaining the initial effectiveness of the SMS;
  • development of adequate coating techniques to produce new textile material, focusing on its characterization and performance properties in processing and use.