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News and events 2009

News and Events 2009


EFSM 3rd Annual Meeting (Holten, The Netherlands)

The Advanbiotex team participated in the 3rd Annual Meeting of the EFSM Group that took place in Holten on the 10th of December. All team members (D. Jocic, A. Kulkarni, P. Krizman-Lavric and P. Glampedaki) contributed to the meeting with 30-min presentations on their work with the following titles: “Advanbiotex in 2009”(pdf) (Dr. D. Jocic), “The influence of different parameters on the kinetics of peracetic acid decomposition and consumption in the process of cotton bleaching” (Dr. P. Krizman-Lavric), “Chitosan-based hydrogels for the modification of cotton, polyamide and polyester fabric” (P. Glampedaki, MSc.).


Plenary lecture at 2nd International Scientific Conference – Intelligent Textiles and Mass Customization (ITMC 2009), Casablanca, Morocco

Dr. Dragan Jocic participated in the ITMC2009 conference that was taking place from November 12 till November 14, 2009, in Casablanca, Morocco. This is the second edition of this event which is a showcase of the top research in the field of intelligent textiles. It focused on leading research in the areas of advanced materials, smart textile structures etc. Dr. Jocic participated as the International Program Committee member with invited plenary lecture titled “Creating Intelligent Textiles by Functional Finishing with Responsive Polymeric Systems”. The 45 minute lecture was presented as the first lecture at the opening plenary session of the conference.


EFSM working party meeting in Enschede (presentation Dr. Amit Kulkarni)

Dr. Amit Kulkarni presented his work during the periodic meeting of the EFSM Working Party held on the 29th of October at the Business and Technology Center (Enschede). His presentation was titled “Functional finishing of cotton using stimuli sensitive microparticles for advanced textile applications”.


Pelagia Glampedaki, MSc. visits ENSAIT (France)

Pelagia Glampedaki was invited to attend the presentation and participate in the final project’s accreditation jury for the Engineering degree of the trainee Jiayan Zhao, BSc. at the premises of ENSAIT (France). In the framework of further collaboration the visit was combined with performing analyses regarding textile physicochemical characterization under the guidance of Dr. Christine Campagne and Mr. Francois Dassonville. The help of Dr. Stéphane Giraud was highly appreciated.


The end-of-stay presentations of the exchange students Jiayan Zhao and Anica Lancuski

The trainee Jiayan Zhao, BSc. and the exchange student Anica Lancuski have presented their work to the EFSM group. Their presentations were titled “Modification of PET fabric via UV-grafting of chitosan-based microgels” and “Synthesis and characterization of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-chitosan micro-hydrogels with physically embedded photochromic dye”, respectively. Both presentations were well accepted by the group and stimulated fruitful discussions.


Ass. Prof. Dr. Stéphane Giraud (ENSAIT, France) visits ADVANBIOTEX

Dr. Stéphane Giraud, Assistant Professor at l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles (ENSAIT, France), visited the Advanbiotex team as the academic supervisor of the internship of the engineering student J. Zhao, conducted within the framework of the Advanbiotex project. M.M.C.G. Warmoeskerken, D. Jocic and P. Glampedaki from the Advanbiotex team and J. Zhao attended the meeting. Both parties offered presentations and apart from the overall update on J. Zhao’s work, a plan for further collaboration as a follow-up of the current work was discussed.


European Polymer Congress – EPF09, Graz, Austria

Dr. Amit Kulkarni participated in the EPF09 that was taking place from July 12 till July 17, 2009, in Graz, Austria. The European Polymer Congress is a biannual event covering all aspects of polymer science. It brought together a wide range of polymer scientists, researchers, engineers, students and others. All major cutting edge topics of polymer science were discussed in six parallel sessions including plenary lectures, keynote lectures, regular oral contributions and poster sessions. Dr. Kulkarni participated with the poster titled “Stimuli-sensitive microparticles for smart textile applications” (PC2-50).


Exchange student from the University of Belgrade (Serbia) joins the Advanbiotex team for a 3-month stay.

Anica Lancuski, final year student of the Department of Organic Technology and Polymer Engineering (Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy) from the University of Belgrade (Serbia) has joined the team for three months within the frame of IAESTE program. She will participate in the project by working on a case study of photochromic dyes incorporation into the microgel, under the supervision of Dr. Amit Kulkarni.


Dr. Audrey Tourrette’s final presentation

Dr. Audrey Tourrette has presented her work to the EFSM Group summarizing her two-year stay as a postdoctoral researcher in the position TM2 of the Advanbiotex project.


Master thesis defense of Jolien de Klein

Jolien de Klein, student of the E-TEAM program who had joined the team for the realization of her thesis, has presented her work as a requirement for obtaining her master’s degree. The title of her presentation was “Development of chitosan-based hydrogels and their in-situ formation on polyamide for sportswear applications”.


Exchange student from the ENSAIT (France) joins the Advanbiotex team for a 4-month stay.

Jiayan Zhao, a senior student of the Department of Textile techniques and advanced materials of ENSAIT, France has joined the team to do her internship as part of her final year obligations. She will work for four months on the modification of PET fabric via UV-grafting of chitosan-based microgels under the supervision of Pelagia Glampedaki.


AUTEX 2009 Conference, Cesme-Izmir, Turkey

Three members of the Advanbiotex team (D. Jocic, A. Tourrette and P. Glampedaki) participated in the 9th Annual Textile Conference by AUTEX (AUTEX 2009) organized by the Ege University, Engineering Faculty Department of Textile Engineering. The project was represented with three oral presentations, one from each team member, under the titles: 1. The perspective of stimuli-responsive surface modifying systems in developing functionalized textile, by D. Jocic; 2. Layer-by-Layer deposition of poly(N- isopropylacrylamide/chitosan microgels over cotton fabric, by A. Tourrette; 3. Surface modification of polyamide via grafted chitosan-based responsive hydrogels, by P. Glampedaki.


EUCHIS 2009 – 9th International Conference of the European Chitin Society, Venice, Italy .

Dr. A. Tourrette participated in EUCHIS 2009 with the oral presentation “Influence of chitosan characteristics on the properties of stimuli responsive poly(n- isopropylacrylamide)/chitosan microgels” presented within the session on physico-chemical properties (P1-2). The conference was organized by European Chitin Society.


Visit to the Institute Charles Gerhardt (ICG) (Montpellier, France).

Dr. A. Tourrette visited Institute Charles Gerhardt (ICG) (Montpellier, France) within the frames of the collaboration research project “Study of the influence of the extent of cross-linking and the polymerization degree of genipin on the textural and structural modifications (macro-mesoporosity) of cross-linked chitosan and chitosan/poly-NiPAAm aerogels”. She has been hosted by Dr. Francoise Quignard, senior researcher from the Advanced Materials for Catalysis and Healthcare (MACS) group.


“Smart Fashion” seminar in Antwerpen, Belgium

On Thursday 30th of April Dr. D. Jocic attended the seminar “Smart Fashion: Creativity and Intelligent Fabrics”organized by the Flanders Fashion Institute (FFI) in Antwerpen, Belgium. The seminar provided concepts and ideas on smart textiles, nano-textiles and intelligent clothing. The presentations were given by Prof. Paul Kiekens and Prof. Lieva Van Langenhove (University of Gent) ( The presentation of Mr. Boudewijn Binst has been transformed to the article “New fashion will be fireworks” published in InterConnect journal (No. 30, July 2009) a free magazine about the newest technologies concerning health care, wireless communication and fashion.


4th Annual Public Conference of the European Technology Platform (ETP) for the future of textiles and clothing, Brussels

D. Jocic participated in the ETP Conference, the event organized by Euratex. During the two-day conference, 30 currently ongoing European textile research projects have been presented. Additional presentations have been given by high-level speakers from the European Commission, industry and academia sharing with the audience the views on the latest activities and results of the Textile Platform and the future of EU industrial and research policy and programs.


AITEX Infoday, Brussels

D. Jocic participated in the scientific-technological event AITEX Information Day where more than 100 experts from European research centers, industry, universities and public institutions gathered to discuss on the research and innovation in textile, clothing and technical textiles industry. Particular attention has been given on intelligent and functional textiles.


Exchange student from the University of Belgrade (Serbia) joins the Advanbiotex team for a 3-month stay.

Miroslav Kalanj, 4th year student of the Department of Organic Chemical Technology (Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy) from the University of Belgrade (Serbia) has joined the team for three months within the frame of IAESTE program. He will participate in the project by working on a case study of microgel release experiments under the supervision of Dr. Audrey Tourrette.


Dr. Francoise Quignard from the Institute Charles Gerhardt (ICG) (Montpellier, France) visits the Advanbiotex team and holds a lecture for the EFSM Group.

Dr. Francoise Quignard, senior researcher from the Advanced Materials for Catalysis and Healthcare (MACS) group of the ICG (Montpellier, France) realized a two-day visit to meet the Advanbiotex team. All team members gave presentations on the current research, which were followed by a lecture of Dr. Quignard with the title “Polysaccharide aerogels: characterization and potential uses”. The feedback and input the team received from Dr. Quignard has proven to be valuable and arrangements have been made for an immediate collaboration.


Mid-Term Review Meeting for the Advanbiotex Project.

Two project officers from Brussels, Dr. Marcela Groholova and Mr. Oscar Perez-Punzano, have visited the Advanbiotex team for the Mid-Term Review Meeting. All members of the project team (D. Jocic, A. Tourrette, P. Glampedaki and the scientist in charge M.M.C.G. Warmoeskerken) contributed with presentations describing in detail the project’s progress and the future plans.


E-TEAM master student joins the Advanbiotex team.

Jolien de Klein, a student of the E-TEAM masters program (European Masters Programme in Textile Engineering), will be working on her master’s thesis in collaboration with the Advanbiotex team, under direct supervision of P. Glampedaki. Her stay will be for a period of five months, from January till May 2009. The topic of her thesis involves the development of responsive chitosan-based hydrogels and their grafting on polyamide fabric for sportswear applications.