News and Events 2008


2nd Annual Meeting of the EFSM group, BTC-Twente, Enschede

The members of the Advanbiotex team participated in the 2nd Annual Meeting of the EFSM group (organized by the team member P. Glampedaki) with the following presentations:

Dr. D. Jocic: “Advanbiotex project – In the middle of the track”
Dr. A. Tourrette: “Physico-chemical characterization of pH and thermo-sensitive microgels”
P. Glampedaki, MSc.: “Bulk hydrogels on cotton – A glimpse of “Textiles of the Future””

The three presentations highlighted the progress of the project and the future steps to be taken.


86th Textile Institute World Conference, Hong Kong

Dr. Dragan Jocic participated in the 86th Textile Institute World Conference (TIWC08), which has been held in Hong Kong (18-21 November 2008). This premium international forum for research in all areas of textiles gathered 368 participants and delegates, who had the opportunity to disseminate research findings and ideas, share experiences and renew and build new professional contacts. The oral presentation given by Dr. Dragan Jocic was included in the session Innovative Textiles.


Futurotextiel 2008 Conference, Kortrijk, Belgium

P. Glampedaki participated in the 2nd International Scientific Conference “Textiles of the Future” (Futurotextiel 2008) in Kortrijk, Belgium with an oral presentation titled “Application of bulk and micro- hydrogels for obtaining cotton with responsiveness towards temperature and pH”. The presentation was based on current results of the Advanbiotex project and it was included in the parallel session with the title “Smart textiles”.


Marie Curie Conference and EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) 2008, Barcelona, Spain

Two members of the Advanbiotex team, A. Tourrette and P. Glampedaki, participated with two posters in the two-day workshop organized for 300 Marie Curie Fellows in Barcelona, Spain as a satellite event of the four-day EuroScience Open Forum 2008 (ESOF 2008). The goals of the workshop and the conference were the dissemination of results and the networking of the researchers for the benefit of their projects and in this sense the Advanbiotex project was very well-received.


Visit of Prof. Vladan Koncar (ENSAIT, France)

Professor Vladan Koncar from the ENSAIT “l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles” in Roubaix, France visited the Advanbiotex Team in the spirit of current and future collaboration on the application of responsive polymers to textiles. A tour to the laboratory of the EFSM Group (the basis of the Adbanbiotex Team) was also offered to the guest professor.


Stay of the PhD student Stojanka Petrusic from ENSAIT (France)

Stojanka Petrusic from the ENSAIT “l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles” in Roubaix, France realized a stay in our laboratory for the use of new techniques and for the exchange of experience in responsive-hydrogel preparation methods.


Visit of the Advanbiotex team to TNO Science & Industry, Eindhoven

The Advanbiotex Team visited TNO in Eindhoven for a meeting concerning a future collaboration. The host, Dr. Arjen Boersma, and his associates introduced the team to the work of TNO’s Department of Innovative Materials. The introduction was followed by a joint presentation of the team on the Advanbiotex project. The visit was concluded with a tour to the laboratory of the hosts.


AUTEX 2008 Conference, Biella, Italy

The Advanbiotex team (D. Jocic, A. Tourrette, P. Glampedaki) participated in the 8th Annual Textile Conference by AUTEX (AUTEX 2008) organized by the Materials Science and Chemical Engineering Department of the Politecnico di Torino. The project was represented with an oral presentation by A.Tourrette (Surface modification of textile material with biopolymer-based micro- and nano- hydrogels) and a poster by P. Glampedaki (Preparation and properties of stimuli–responsive surface modifying systems applicable to textiles).


Visit of Dr. Audrey Tourrette to the Department of Applied Physics at the University of Ghent

The purpose of the visit was experimentation with plasma treatment of textile samples for the application of responsive surface modifying systems. Dr. Rino Morent and ir. Nathalie De Geyter of the Department of Applied Physics coached Dr. Tourrette and supervised the experiments.


Visit to the University of Wageningen for the presentation of students collaborating with the EFSM group

The visit was realized by Dr. Pramod Agrawal, Pelagia Glampedaki (of the Advanbiotex team) and Bertie Dorgelo, all three invited to attend the presentation of the work of Philipp Garbade, Araceli Gonzàlez and Jennifer de Jonge, Erasmus and Master students at the University of Wageningen. The three students were supervised by P.Glampedaki during their experimental trials at the premises of the EFSM laboratory and their project resulted in a possible collaboration between academia (EFSM group) and industry (Brennels, NL).


Interview given by Prof. M.M.C.G. Warmoeskerken and Dr. D.Jocic to the local newspaper “De Twentsche Courant Tubantia”

The interview was published on 04.05.2008 in the Sunday issue of “De Twentsche Courant Tubantia”. The text (in Dutch) discusses the possibilities of the development of textile materials in the future. It also gives in general the insight on the research topics of the EFSM group, mentioning as well some particular issues that will be developed within the Advanbiotex project (full text).


Meeting of the Working Party EFSM – Joint presentation by D.Jocic, A.Tourrette and P.Glampedaki

The meeting was organized and hosted by the group of Engineering Fibrous Smart Materials (EFSM) at the premises of the Business and Technology Center of Enschede. The chairman of the meeting was Prof. Marijn Warmoeskerken (Head of the EFSM group). Among the guests were Dr. Bert Heesink of Ten Cate Advanced Textiles, Mr. Rene Hermse of Tanatex Chemicals, Dr. Arjen Boersma of TNO Science & Industry, Mr. Luuk van der Molen of Colbond, Mr. Ton Tijhuis of Vlisco and Mr. Peter Giezeman from Christeyns. Mr. Ger Brinks was also present as Secretary of the EFSM Foundation.

The presentation given by the Advanbiotex Team had the purpose to introduce the industrial partners of the EFSM Group and members of the EFSM Foundation to the project’s research objectives and progress.


Visit to the ENSAIT “l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles” in Roubaix, France

The main purpose of the visit (D. Jocic, A. Tourrette, P. Glampedaki) was to discuss the possibilities for future collaboration in terms of preparation procedures and developing characterization methods for responsive hydrogels and microcapsules. The members of the Advanbiotex team gave presentations on current results, which served as the introduction to a wider discussion and exchange of ideas with colleagues from ENSAIT (Prof. Vladan Koncar, Dr. Cedric Cochrane, Dr. Maryline Lewandowski, Dr. Stéphane Giraud, and Stojanka Petrusic, MSc.).


Visit to the Department of Applied Physics, Faculty of Engineering, Universiteit Gent, Belgium (Nathalie De Geyter, Dr. Rino Morent)

The purpose of the visit (D. Jocic, M. Warmoeskerken) was to agree on collaboration in the area of surface modification of textile materials by plasma treatment.