News and Events 2007

28.11 - 29.11.2007

1st Annual Meeting of the EFSM group, BTC-Twente, Enschede
Presentations (45 mins) on the topic “Fibrous Smart Materials”:
D. Jocic: “Advanbiotex project – new route to advanced biopolymer functionalized textile material”
A. Tourrette: “Polysaccharides: step-by-step from natural resource to the material”
P. Glampedaki: “Enology, surfactants &... Advanbiotex”


Visit of Dr. Arjen Boersma from TNO Science and Industry, Materials Technology, Eindhoven

General exploration of the possibilities for responsive materials and discussion of the possibilities for cooperation in the future (D. Jocic, M. Warmoeskerken).

15.11 - 17.11.2007

ITMC 2007 Conference, Casablanca, Morocco

The team (D. Jocic, A. Tourrette, and P. Glampedaki) participated in ITMC2007, the International Conference on Intelligent Textiles and Mass Customization. Apart from presenting a poster (P. Glampedaki, A. Tourrette) with current results, the participation in the workshop “Textile Research Networking” (D. Jocic) served as an opportunity to introduce the project to the international scientific community.


Congres "Innovatie in textiel; topprestaties in functionele kleding", Nederlands Textielinstituut (NTI), Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Participation in the Congres "Innovatie in textiel; topprestaties in functionele kleding", organized by the Nederlands Textielinstituut (NTI) in TNO Industrie en Techniek (Eindhoven) with a presentation on the bio-polymer chitosan (M. Warmoeskerken). A unique opportunity to introduce the project to the Dutch textile industry.

25.10 - 26.10.2007

Innovation Festival “Powered by Twente”, Enschede, The Netherlands

Participation in the Innovation Festival “Powered by Twente” with a poster presenting the project under the topic “Materials & High-Tech Systems” at the Business & Science Park in Enschede. Opportunity to introduce the project to the innovative companies of the Twente region.


Dr. Audrey Tourrette was appointed as team member.

26.06 - 28.06.2007

AUTEX 2007 Conference, Tampere, Finland

The team (D. Jocic, P. Glampedaki) participated in the 7th Annual Textile Conference by Autex (AUTEX 2007), organized by the Tampere University of Technology (Finland).


Miss Pelagia Glampedaki, M.Sc. was appointed as team member.

11.06 - 14.06.2007

Visit to the research group of Plasma and Polymeric Materials of the UPC in Terrassa, Spain

The purpose of the visit (D. Jocic) was to discuss future collaboration. The PMP (Plasma and Polymeric Materials) research group (Dr. Antonio Navarro) from the Chemical Engineering Department of the Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya (Terrassa, Spain) has shown interest in exchanging know-how with the Advanbiotex team and is willing to give access to the available equipment.


Interview “UT nieuws”

Interview given (D. Jocic) to the local weekly magazine of the University of Twente “UT nieuws”. The article (in Dutch) has the title: Intelligent textiel GROOT EUROPEES PROJECT TEXTIELTECHNOLOGIE (pdf). Opportunity to introduce the project to colleagues and academic partners of the University of Twente.


Dr. Dragan Jocic was appointed as team leader. Starting date of the project.