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Cafe de las Lenguas

Cafe de las Lenguas

Informal & Free to join!

Do you want to practice your language skills and meet likeminded people?
Practice and improve your language skills with various native and non-native speakers in an informal setting!

What is the Café de las Lenguas?
The faculty of Engineering Technology offers a service we like to call Cafe de las Lenguas or Language Café. This is an informal gathering of people that would like to practice their language skills and interact with other people.

How does it work?
The aim is to speak with each other. Through the verbal practice of the language you will get more confident in speaking it. There will be an experienced speaker of each of the three languages present to keep the conversation on track if necessary. Note, this is NOT intended as a language course or lesson; You will not be taught grammar but, of course, you can always ask questions.

After these sessions, swap phone numbers, go out for some food and realize you have just made new friends from round the globe.

Which languages?
So far we will pro-actively facilitate 3 languages. English, Dutch and Spanish. If you feel you want to practice other languages, do join in and bring some friends.

When and where?
Every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month starting at the 10th of October 2019,
From 5:30pm – 7pm, 
In the Horst Canteen!




10 and 24 October 

9 and 23 January

14 and 28 November 

13 and 27 February

12 December

12 and 26 March

9 and 23 April

14 and 28 May

11 and 25 June


Do I need to register to participate?
No, you can join in, at any time during the evening. You do not need to be there exactly at the start, if you cannot make it from the beginning.

What are the costs?
This is a free service from the Engineering Technology International Office.

Can I bring friends that are not in Engineering Technology?
Yes. The aim is to help you learn and meet new people. This knows no faculty boundaries.

I would like to practice Chinese/Arabic/Portuguese. Is that possible?
You are welcome to practice other languages. However note that we will not provide an experienced speaker automatically. So make sure that you come with more people that want to practice the same language. Else, there is little practice opportunity!

I have an idea/suggestion/question/concern. How can I contact you?
Please contact the ET International Office through Mrs. Brigitte Leurink, international student support officer.