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Course List


This list gives you an impression of the courses when you select Production Management. This is not a fixed list, you may personalize it to a certain extent to your wishes. Please contact us for more information.

1.a Compulsory courses within Organization & Management profile (choose 4):

191124720 Design of production and inventory systems

191102041 Manufacturing Facility Design

191139320 Engineering Project Management

201400244 Cost Management & Engineering

191127520 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

1.b Choice of two courses outside regular profile

2. Core courses Production Management

191820120 Warehousing

191820210 Simulation

191530881 Stochastic Models for Operations Management

191820200 Discrete Optimization of Business Processes

3. Specialist courses Production Management

191127500 Capita Selecta Production Management

191531830 Stochastic Models in Production and Logistics

191820190 Supply Chain and Transportation Management

191210760 Advanced Programming

If you are interested in entrepreneurship the following course is recommended:

193400180 Technology Venturing

Other alternatives are:

193160010 Accounting, finance & management

191820160 Purchasing management

201100059 Financial management of innovative enterprises