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Food Supply Chain 2020

Packaging Design & Management


Nowadays the food supply chain is totally different compared to ten to fifteen years ago. Many products are ready-to-eat meals or partly prepared and only need a few finishing doings. The retailers and foodservice organisations approach each other more and more. This leads to suboptimal chains with a lot of players. Furthermore, society it changing rapidly and trends happen in rapid succession. This situation causes a lot of food spoilage both in the chain and at home.


This research aims to get insight in trends and developments in the food supply chain. Scenario development with a wide variety of solutions for food supply in the future is key. The use of software and intelligent and/or active packaging can be part of these scenarios. Health, for instance overweight, is also becoming a serious issue and people want to know what they eat. Packaging plays an important role in these scenarios, design rules and new approaches can help overcome these challenges.


Food and retail will become competitors more and more. ICT plays an important role in getting information about where, what and when to buy. The balance of the functions of the food packaging could change dramatically. Reduction of waste and health issues can play an important role in this theme.