All of our research and most of our educational assignments are done in association with the industry.
Educational projects range from 140 hours to 33 weeks. Students have a laptop with software at their disposal and are able to execute projects autonomously.
Research projects varies from relatively uncomplicated issues to deep fundamental research. The duration of these projects ranges from one year to four years.
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Thesis and educational assignments

Master thesis

The master thesis is a 33-week project in which students obtain the Master of Science degree. Autonomously executed by the student as the final project in the 5-year Master of Science degree program. This may concern a design assignment, a research assignment or a combination of both.

Capita selecta

Students can obtain credits through elective courses. For Packaging Design and Management students are given the opportunity to do a practically-oriented study to create models or roadmaps. Since Industrial Design is a designer study we expect our students to create models that can be put to trial, preferably by the execution of an (actual) project or to have the model involved in an (actual) project.

Bachelor assignment

A 13-week assignment, carried out in the third year of studies with a duration of 14 weeks. Subjects range from creation of graphic and structural packaging concepts to more engineering oriented problems.

Research projects

Contract research

Experimental research that has a varied duration and a flexible character. Issues range from practical problems in optimizing designs to more fundamental problems found with tackling issues like design methods, sustainability and usability.

Post doc

Fundamental research lasting two years. A graduated Master of Science can be hired to execute fundamental research based on a given problem definition.

PhD Candidate

Three to four years of fundamental research that leads to dissertation (PhD thesis), which has to be defended against an academic jury to obtain the degree of PhD. The PhD research concerns fundamental problems with the goal of making a big step forward in knowledge and theory development.