Research themes

Cybersecurity in the product lifecycle

MORe project

In order to be able to stay a reliable business partner in the age of Smart Industry, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) should become knowledgeable on the dangers and opportunities of cybersecurity. The MORe project is a collaboration between Thales, FME, TNO, Saxion and University of Twente in the Fieldlab The Garden. To aid SMEs in the regions of Overijssel and Gelderland with current cyber security issues, the following activities are performed within this project:

- Generate more awareness on cyber security throughout the product life cycle and supply chain

- Create a regional community of SMEs to stand strong together against cyber threats

- Develop a roadmap, vision and action plan on cyber security for this region

- Establish an open innovation environment to foster and facilitate new business opportunities in the field of cyber security.

Herein, the role of the department Design, Production and Management is

- to enable the MORe project and SMEs to access knowledge on cyber security and the extended product life cycle

- to enthusiast students for the emerging topic of cyber security and its corresponding business opportunities

- to map the current developments in the region, Netherlands and rest of the world to provide a vision and action plan for the MORe project.

The MORe project is largely financed (50%) by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRO). For more information on this project, please contact Nick Willemstein.