dr.ir. L.L. olde Scholtenhuis (Léon)
Assistant Professor

The ZoARG | ReDUCE team (ReDUCE; ZoARG in Dutch stands for Zorgvuldige Aanleg en Reductie Graafschade) ultimately aims to Reduce Damages to Utilities and stimulate Careful Excavation. In this domain, no longer a single authority controls the construction and maintenance of all buried utilities. Instead, public and private network owners share this responsibility collectively. Each of these stakeholders has different asset management practices and uses different models and methods to manage underground data. As a result, it is challenging to minimize the impact of utility streetworks and to avoid exposure to utility strikes. In 2012, the ZoARG | ReDUCE team, industry partners, authorities, and public organizations, therefore, acknowledged that a large-scale collaborative program is required to tackle these issues. Through our strong engagement with industry, we initially successfully developed a 3D/4D modeling approach for multi-stakeholder coordination of utility streetworks. Most recently, our research, development and education projects particularly focus on topics such as: improved underground utility data, decision support systems for city engineers, training simulators for excavator operators, pipeline safety systems, ground penetrating radar and damage avoidance, and sewer line inspection.


  1. Spy Underground
  2. ExcaSafeZone
  3. Ground Radar training and roadmap for new technologies in vocational construction eduction
  4. Conceptually modeling subsurface infrastructure by developing a domain ontology
  5. Review of Detection and monitoring systems for buried high pressure pipelines
  6. Developing a safety system to protect high-pressure pipelines from excavation damage
  7. Improved strategies, logic and decision support for selecting test trench locations
  8. Developing an in-pipe condition assessment method for sewer pipelines