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Systems Engineering R.S. de Graaf (Robin)
Assistant Professor

In the CME department, Systems Engineering is considered an important method to improve the design process of construction projects. Systems Engineering is a method to build exactly what is demanded by clients, users and other relevant stakeholders. It offers an integrated and comprehensive set of methods and techniques to successfully specify and design projects of all kinds. The method is stakeholder driven, life-cycle oriented, includes constructability aspects and can be complemented with Value Management. Using Systems Engineering, the efficiency and effectiveness of the construction process can be largely improved. At the department, Systems Engineering is taught in two bachelor courses, one master course and one post-master course. In the bachelor courses, the basics of Systems Engineering are lectured. In the master course, Systems Engineering is discussed and taught in detail and in the post-Master course, Systems Engineering is applied in real-life projects. Research about Systems Engineering focuses on the practical application of Systems Engineering in construction. Topics are, amongst others, the difficulties related to the implementation and adoption of Systems Engineering at the project and business level. Research is stimulated through cooperation with industry partners in the network of CME.