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Resilient and Smart Cities J. Vinke - de Kruijf (Joanne)
Assistant Professor

As the world population is increasingly concentrated in urban areas, we are strengthening and integrating our activities in the domain of resilient and smart cities. We particularly aim to provide new knowledge and approaches that will help policymakers and practitioners to better anticipate on and respond to future developments, such as, the effects of climate change and the growing importance of digital technology and big data. In the ZoARG programme we examine the use of visualization techniques to improve the design and management of underground and buried infrastructure. In the forthcoming RITRI project we will investigate how to make infrastructure more responsive to external developments through responsive institutions. In another forthcoming project we will look into how climate-resilience can be achieved through urban living labs. The city is also becoming increasingly important in our education activities. The city is central in the prize-winning minor module “Smart ways to make smart cities smarter” as well as in several modules that we coordinate in the bachelor curriculum of Civil Engineering. We supervised various master students in this domain, including a project in Hoboken (New York) focusing on the use of visualisation techniques for asset management. Lastly, we were invited to join a core team of scientists that establishes a Centre for Resilience Engineering of the four Technical Universities. In the coming years, we would like to strengthen our collaborations with science and practice partners as well as our research and education activities in the domain of resilient and smart cities.


  1. ZoARG
  2. 4TU Centre for Resilience Engineering
  3. Visualization Technique to increase awareness of sewer system failure through asset management