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Infrastructure Asset Management

dr. A. Hartmann (Andreas)
Associate Professor

The Programme for Infrastructure Management Excellence (PrIME) seeks to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of decisions and activities that aim at maintaining, restoring or increasing infrastructure performance.

PrIME adopts an integrative approach which brings together ideas from technical, organizational and social science to better understand the dynamic and complex character of infrastructure asset management . We strive for new methods, models and processes that allow an optimized decision making throughout the life-cycle of infrastructure assets. PrIME involves a number of research projects which address a diverse range of IM aspects such as  maintenance management, performance measurement, procurement strategies,  life cycle management, partnering and learning. 


  1. Co-creation of Key Performance Indicators for Railway Infrastructure
  2. Switch Renewal Scheduling in Network Context
  3. Smart Governance-as-Practice Approaches for Public Private Partnerships
  4. Best Practice Guidelines for Procurement of Road Maintenance
  5. Asset Management Maturity Check at Rijkswaterstaat
  6. Risk and Design Decisions in Infrastructure Project Tenders