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Construction Process Integration & ICT A.M. Adriaanse (Arjen)

Research focusses on more integrated ways of working and cooperating in the construction process and the possibilities of increasingly advanced digital solutions to support and boost these. Important areas of interest are organizational and change management aspects (e.g., what are organizational conditions for the successful use of digital solutions in construction, what are organizational effects of digital solutions, and how can changes be implemented successfully?). 


  1. BIM and innercity construction projects
  2. Applying virtual methods for managing deconstruction processes within the construction industry
  3. Designing asset information governance for asset management organisations
  4. Coördinatie van bouwlogistieke ketens met BIM
  5. Use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in construction logistics
  6. Ontwerp en implementatie van een BIM maturity model & BIM best practices voor de Nederlandse bouwsector
  7. Data Science voor Asset Management in de Infrasector