dr. S.R. Miller (Seirgei)
Assistant Professor

ASPARi is a network of organisations working collaboratively to improve the asphalt construction process in the Netherlands.  Recent contract change developments in the Netherlands (especially lengthier guarantee periods) has seen the rules of the game change in terms of process control, quality, maintenance and risks to contractors. In response, several construction companies joined forces with researchers of the University of Twente to form the ASPARi network in 2007, to collaboratively work towards improved process control and therefore better quality asphalt. These construction companies, known as the Founders, are collectively responsible for more than 80% of the asphalt turnover in the country i.e. in excess of 8 million tonnes each year.  The ASPARi research unit is based at the University of Twente's Construction Management Department. The unit has recently conducted several monitoring exercises overseas and has been invited to share the ASPARi experience and methods at several international conferences. 


  1. Developing real-time process control system for asphalt paving and compaction 
  2. Asphalt construction guidance system, machine path planning, team communication, collaboration between construcion parties
  3. Designing guided operational strategies for asphalt compaction
  4. Design innovative educational materials for the MBO teaching and training institues in the Netherlands