20-06-2013 Peter Melis Best Graduate of the Boston Consulting Group 2013

Peter Melis selected as Best Graduate 2013 of the Netherlands

On May 31, Peter Melis was selected as Best Graduate 2013 of the Netherlands on the recommendation of the Boston Consulting Group. As Best Graduate 2013  he wins a price of 10.000 euro. Peter Melis is a Master student of our department. On June 21 he graduates on his thesis  Change Requires Insight: Assessing Upstream Scope 3 Emissions by SMEs in the Construction Industry. This thesis has been supervised by dr. ir. Bram Entrop and dr. Hans Voordijk and conducted at the consultancy firm WZK located in Amsterdam. More information can be found at http://memory.nl/portfolio/topwerkgevers-kiezen-peter-melis-als-bestgraduate-2013/.

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