13-09-2013 Article aligning building information model by Timo Hartmann is one of the top 25 papers

Letter of invitation / Top 25 papers published!

Timo Hartmann

CME-CTW – University of Twente


Dear Dr. Hartmann,

Congratulations, your article Aligning building information model tools and construction management methods is recognized by ScienceDirect as one of the Top 25 papers published in Automation in Construction in 2012 (see this page

for more information).

Based on this accomplishment, we would like to invite you to create an

AudioSlides presentation for your paper and take part in an exciting contest. For you as an author this is a great way to demonstrate your paper

to a wide audience and attract interest in your work - and there's a $250

prize for the best presentation!

AudioSlides are 5-minute, webcast-style presentations in which you can

explain your research in your own words, using just slides and voice-over

recordings. These presentations will be displayed next to your article on

ScienceDirect, and will also be featured on a dedicated YouTube channel

together with other presentations highlighting the top papers in

Engineering. A jury consisting of Prof. Eva Sorensen, Prof. David Taylor,

and Prof. Mike Forde will select the best presentation after an initial

selection based on the number of views. Please note that by entering, you

are agreeing to this contest's associated terms and conditions.