16-11-2012 Promotion Ibsen C. Cárdenas - 12.45 hrs Waaier zaal 4

Integrating knowledge for Managing Risk in Infrastructure Projects:

the case of Tunnel Works

Dissertation to obtain the degree of doctor at the university of Twente

by Ibsen Chivatá Cárdenas

Friday November 16th, 2012 at 12.45 hours

Waaier, zaal 4

In his research, a number of tunneling risk-models have been developed and used, and an approach for capturing, integrating, analyzing, and using risk-related knowledge was derived for construction projects.

This research has shown the extent to which integrating and modeling risk-related knowledge is useful in managing the risks in construction projects. They indicate that taking account of the uncertainty associated with risks in modeling is not an impediment to providing information consistently and in an interpretable form to risk managers. It also shows that knowledge engineering that specifically deals with collecting and representing knowledge through mathematical models can significantly contribute to improve risk management in the construction industry.