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Optimising optical fiber network deployment a succesful PDEng research thesis by Jitske Posthumus, 10 June 2021

Jitske Posthumus defended her PDEng thesis: Optimizing Optimcal Fiber Network Deployment

 10 June 2021


For her PDEng assignment targeted on exploring and explicating operational FttH-deployment procedures, Jitske Posthumus developed a simulation-based Decision Support System that helps utility contractors to analyze on-site operational strategies and resource mobilization, as well as to conduct bottleneck analyses of alternative method statements that employ new (trenchless) excavation techniques for FttH deployment. Allinq, the client of the project, is very satisfied with the solution, and has started implementing the system in their engineering and planning processes. Sponsors of the project were Allinq and KPN, supervisors were Prof. André Dorée, Dr. Léon olde Scholtenhuis, and Dr. Farid Vahdatikhaki. The hosting research unit ZoARG | ReDUCE ( greatly thanks Allinq and KPN for hosting this project.


A brief project description by Jitske:

The PDEng project 'optimizing optical fiber network deployment' has resulted in a prototype Decision Support System which provides decision-makers with insight in the optical fiber deployment process as well as the results of changes they may wish to make. 'What happens if I add extra capacity?' and 'What happens if I redistribute these tasks?' are questions the DSS can help answer. The DSS is based on a hybrid Discrete Event Simulation and Agent Based Modelling simulation model.  The processing steps of the optical fiber deployment process are represented using DES and the trenches, workers, and excavators are represented by agents. For more information on this model, the use case it was applied on or the interfaces between the DES and ABM components, contact Léon olde Scholtenhuis