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Uncovering the future needs for subsurface infrastructure education Dieuwertje ten Berg succesfully defended her PDEng-thesis 22/06-2021

Dieuwertje ten Berg succesfully defended her PDEng-thesis ‘Uncovering the future needs for Subsurface infrastructure Education’


22-june 2021

 CM&E’er Dieuwertje ten Berg passed her last PDEng examination on June 22nd. She defended her development of a Roadmap for technical education in the subsurface engineering sector, and her e-learning module for future Ground Penetrating Radar specialists. The material is now available and will be used in education by ROC van Twente. The project was part of ZoARG | ReDUCE (, sponsored by KPN and ROC van Twente, and supervised by Prof. Dorée and Léon olde Scholtenhuis.


A brief project description, written bij Dieuwertje: This PDEng focused on the up-and-coming developments effecting the underground utility sector. Since vocational education needs to also incorporate these technical and societal developments to be able to teach the necessary competences to their students. In order for the ROC van Twente to be able to include the upcoming changes into their educational programs, this PDEng developed a roadmap in which the main developments and their accompanying competencies are described. For the ground-penetrating radar, we developed a training on how to use the GPR to detect underground utilities. With the GPR training and the roadmap the ROC van Twente has the tools in hand to anticipate the education towards the future.