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29-11-2011 Masterproject Deltares the perfect Dike

The Perfect Dike

There are many current studies on the "dikes of the future" yet there is much controversy around them. They should be "unbreachable" or only allowed to "breach in a controlled manner". There are discussions about so-called "delta dikes".

The intention around these concepts is good, yet there are always some snags surrounding them. Ultimately it comes down to investing in a dike or dike system so that the benefit of the investment is maximized in terms of flood risk reduction.

There are two sides to this topic: (a) "myth-busting", thus exposing critical flaws in these initiatives and (b) show how the intentions can be met. The topic is a good opportunity for learning the details of dike design, reliability analysis and optimization techniques or to study the problem at a larger scale such as the interplay of dike rings in an entire river system. This topic is very current and very "hot".

We are looking for a motivated student to work on this challenging topic. This project will be supervised from Deltares and the University of Twente, Civil Engineering and Management program. Guidance is available from experienced researchers. We offer a desk in our Delft office, an internship salary and assistance where possible and necessary in finding living quarters. The student should have affinity with water and soil engineering and good grades in soil mechanics, fluid mechanics or other subjects related to the project. For more information contact Dr. Sam Karim (tel. 053 4894518) or Deltares as given above.


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