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Yousefzadeh, Meisam

Name Meisam Yousefzadeh.
Department Construction Management & Engineering
Room HT-300
Tel. 053-489 6863
Tel. secretary 053-489 4254/2670
Fax 053-489 2511
Position PDEng student

Postal address

  • University of Twente
  • Faculty of Engineering Technology
  • Department of Construction Management & Engineering
  • P.O. Box 217
  • 7500 AE Enschede
  • The Netherlands



MSc Survey Engineering & Geomatics, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

•Specialization: Photogrammetry

•Master Thesis: "Improvement of 3D stereo viewing by converting linear array satellite imagery to virtual frame images",


Bachelor Civil- Survey Engineering and Geomatics, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

Employment record


PDEng candidate at the department of Construction Management and Engineering, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands

Topic: Designing a geometric information supplier for Energy simulation of buildings.


Research and software development, at University of Twente, ITC, Enschede (Netherlands)

•Topic:3D information extraction from terrestrial/mobile laser data for building reconstruction and visualization


Academic staff, at Azad University, Zanjan (Iran)


Research and software development, at University of Tehran, Tehran (Iran)

•Responsible for development of a method for ortho-rectification of satellite images (IRSp6) using corresponding ancillary data and Global DEM


Engineer at Kanazin Co., at Tehran (Iran)

•Responsible for Survey engineering and Geomatics Tasks such as: map production for industrial sites, Installation of civil buildings and Industrial equipment using total stations and GPS, Production of geological maps using satellite/aerial photos, Design and Implementation of a GIS project, Underground surveying and map production for mining applications.


PDEng research: Designing a geometric information supplier for Energy simulation of buildings.

Qualified energy modelling for building depends on proper definition of various parameters. Considerable part of these parameters is based on architectural and geographic characteristics of the building. The visible layout of heating and cooling systems also provides lots of useful information for Energy modelling. Therefore 3D representation of the building model would be very useful to extract required attributes if building objects have proper semantic and geometric definition. However geometric information extraction from laser point cloud is a time and labour consuming process.

Defining a platform which enables the user to extract required parameters from measured geo-data such as laser points or images and to transfer them to an appropriate format readable by energy modelling software is the main incentive of this proposal. By having this platform, user can directly manage a chain of the processes from measured data to energy analysis results and corresponding simulations. The product expected to has following attributes:

High automation level: the system will be designed to extract the most of required information as automatic as possible. However, full automation is less likely to be possible. The vision is limited user interaction with simple inquiries and few mouse clicks.

Upgradable: as the building information is available in different level of details, modeling system has to be flexible enough to process the data with different accuracies. It means coarse data analysis can be updated through this system.

Simplicity: the structure has to be easy to follow. Complexity and exceptional conditions has to be avoided as much as possible.


Currently no teaching


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