Racz, Paulina


Paulina Racz MSc.


Construction Management & Engineering




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PDEng student

Postal address

University of Twente

Faculty of Engineering Technology

Department of Construction Management & Engineering

P.O. Box 217

7500 AE Enschede

The Netherlands



Health and Safety Postgraduate Studies at Wroclaw University of Technology (Poland)


Course: Auditor of Integrated Management Systems: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Certificate number: 043/CER/2014


Master Studies at Environmental Engineering Faculty at Wroclaw University of Technology (Poland)


Specialization: Water supply, sewerage systems and waste management


Thesis title: Conceptional Design of a Group Water Supply System for city Boleslawiec (Poland)


Engineering Studies at Environmental Engineering Faculty at Wroclaw University of Technology (Poland)


Specialization: Environmental Protection


Thesis title: Evaluation of effectiveness of selective collection of municipal waste from the selected area on the basic of CSO data and population surveys.

Employment record


PDEng student, Department of Construction Management and Engineering, University of Twente, The Netherlands


Topic: Improved strategies, logic and decision support for selecting test trench location


Cooperation with Agentschap Telecom


Trainee at Future Energy Management, Enschede, The Netherlands


Leonardo da Vinci Scholarship


Topic: Torrefaction of agricultural biomass

01-04. 2014

Environmental Protection Specialist in Ansee Consulting Michal Jaskiewicz, Wroclaw, Poland


Preparing offers for customers;


Preparing offers of public contracts;


Building and maintaining protection services.


Trainee in EHS Department in Cargill Poland Sp.z o.o., Wroclaw, Poland


Participation in health and safety auditing in Cargill factories;


Familiarizing myself with SAPERs' process which is associated with the analysis of behavior at work;


Preparing documentation of waste management.


Trainee in Gas Engineering Office GAZOPROJEKT S.A., Wroclaw, Poland


Participation in the development of a dendrological stocktaking "High pressure pipeline DN700 MOP 8.4 at the section node Lasów- Jeleniów gas compressor station for Polish Republic gas pipeline";


English text translation made in the development of "Feasibility study for Gas Interconnection Poland-Slovakia";


Analytical work, preparing narrative and graphic form, the final edition of the " Feasibility study for building of a shale gas collector using the existing high-pressure network".


Trainee in PYROCAT CATALYSE WORLD SP.z o.o. , Wroclaw, Poland


Participation in CONSPAN products presentations;


Preparation of Commercial Offers ;


Organization of authors and rights holders meetings.


Trainee in PCC Rokita S.A, Brzeg Dolny, Poland

Instruction in the functioning of Sewage and Water Treatment Plants;


Preparation of the sewerage, drinking water and industrial water network inventory;


Participation in the audit renovations of sewerage and water supply systems;


Participation in engineering projects works for sewerage-water supply systems.

PDEng design project description

Topic: Improved strategies, logic and decision support for selecting test trench location

Before breaking the surface the contractors and crews need to do a KLIC request for information. The relevant utility owners provide information about the existing underground networks for the specific location(s). Since several of these networks go back a long time, the actual location may not match with the provided location data. The check the accuracy of the provided information, and the inspection of the actual condition often one or more test trenches are dug. While test trenches provide vital information the digging and inspection of these test trenches takes time and effort and may even introduce added hindrances and risks. Selection of number and location(s) therefore always requires trade-offs and compromises. Although digging of test trenches is common practice the reasoning regarding location(s) is mostly implicit, unclear and not documented.


Currently not teaching


Banaszkiewicz K., Pasiecznik I., Racz P. ‘Evaluation of effectiveness of municipal solid waste collection’ which appeared in print in 3rd volume of book: ‘Interdisciplinary issues in environmental protection and engineering’ edited by T.M. Traczewska, publishing by Wroclaw University of Technology.

http://www.eko-dok.pl/2013/03.pdf (only in Polish)