Wijnmaalen, Julia.R.





Julia R. Wijnmaalen MSc and MA


Construction Management & Engineering


Horsttoren 300


+ 31 53 489

Tel. secretary

+ 31 53 489 2670 / 4254


+ 31 53 489 2511


j.r.wijnmaalen@ctw.utwente.nl / jr.wijnmaalen@nlda.nl


PhD researcher




Postal address

University of Twente

Faculty of Engineering Technology

Department of Construction Management & Engineering

P.O. Box 217

7500 AE Enschede

The Netherlands


May 2010- 2014 PhD student at the Military Defence Academy of the Netherlands and the University of Twente.

March 2009 CIMIC Basic Course at the NATO accredited CIMIC Centre of Excellence (CCOE) in Enschede.

2008 - winter 2009 Master Network on Humanitarian Action (NOHA) at the University of Groningen. The master NOHA was initiated, co-developed and is partly sponsored by the Humanitarian Aid department of the European Union ECHO. Part of the master was followed at the Universite Catholique in Louvain and Columbia University New York.

2004- winter 2008 Bachelor in International Relations, University of Groningen.

2003- summer 2008 Bachelor and Master of General Psychology (combining social and organizational Psychology), University of Groningen.

Employment record

Internship at the At the NATO accredited CIMIC Centre of Excellence in Enschede

Cimic Centre of I worked at the Planning and Coordination branch in the

Excellence Information knowledge management section where I created

Feb-May 2009 a debriefing method to indentify the lessons learned.

Internship at the At the ministry of Defence in The Hague I was part of the

Ministry of Future Concepts and Developments branch. At this branch I

Defence performed tasks as creating conceptual models, do small research

Sept-Nov 2009 projects and join in on meetings.


I have done research in India, Lebanon and New York.


I thought as a professor’s assistant at the faculty of Psychology and at the faculty of Medicine during my college years. In addition I have teaching experience in India and now I teach at Dutch Royal Military Academy in Breda.


None yet