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Dr.ir. W. Tijhuis


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+31 (0)53 489 3826

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Assistant Professor (part time)




Postal address

Dr.ir. W. Tijhuis

University of Twente

Faculty of Engineering Technology

Department of Construction Management & Engineering

P.O. Box 217

7500 AE Enschede

The Netherlands



Ph.D. in International Construction Management & Procurement


Eindhoven University of Technology


M.Sc. in Construction Management – Eindhoven University of Technology


M.Sc. in Real Estate Development & Management – Eindhoven University of Technology


B.Sc. in Construction Technology – Higher Technical College (HTS), Hengelo (O)

Employment record


From 1987-1989 project-management and development for Wessels Rijssen BV (The Netherlands) and Wessels Remscheid GmbH (Germany), both part of Wessels Groep BV;


From 1992-until 1996 project-management and development for Kondor Wessels Berlin GmbH (Germany) and on its group level for Kondor Wessels Groep NV (The Netherlands);


From 1997 until now founder and owner of WT/Beheer BV (www.wtbeheer.com) in The Netherlands, a holding of international development activities and participations (see e.g. also www.ntgroep.com).



International Construction Management & Procurement


Culture in construction


Construction Production Processes & Development



Lectures on Construction Engineering and Logistics;


Lectures on Construction Culture and Internationalization;


Lectures on Construction Process and Development;


Supervising master-students with their master-thesis;

Other Activities


Also active in the holding WT/Beheer BV with its international activities and participations (www.wtbeheer.com).


Joint-coordinator of CIB Task Group TG23, ‘Culture in Construction’ (www.cibworld.nl).


Tijhuis W. (2003) Automation with or without ‘Humanization’? Dilemma in a Developing Construction Environment; proceedings of ISARC-conference ‘The Future Site’; 21-25 september 2003; Eds. Ger Maas & Frans van Gassel; pp.287-293; Eindhoven University of Technology.

Tijhuis W. & R.F.Fellows (2003) Improving construction process: Experiences in the field of contact-contract-conflict; proceedings of ISEC-02 conference: 'System-based Vision for Strategy and Creative Design; 3 Volumes; Ed.: Franco Bontempi; University of Rome 'La Sapienza' - Rome; Vol.1, pp.57-63; A.A.Balkema Publishers; Lisse/Abingdon/Exton(PA)/Tokyo.

Rwelamila P.D., R.D.Hindle, A.J.Rodriques & W.Tijhuis (2003) Construction Project Procurement Selection for Poverty-Focused Development; Final Report; SANPAD; July 2003; Johannesburg.

Tijhuis W. (2003) Rethinking Knowledge in Construction: Improving Process by using a Brain-Drain Approach; Proceedings of the Joint International Symposium of CIB working commissions W55, W65 and W107; Ed.: George Ofori and Florence Yean Yng Ling; pp.199-208; National University of Singapore; 22-24 October 2003; Singapore.

Tijhuis W. (2003) The Meaning of Culture in a Professionalizing Construction industry: A Discussion on the Future of CIB-Task Group 23; keynote speech and proceedings of conference: Professionalism in Construction: Culture of High Performance; Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors, University of Hong Kong, CIB-TG23 and HKSAR; on CD-Rom; University of Hong Kong; 26-27 October 2003; Hong Kong.

Tijhuis W. (2004) Trust and Control in Procurement: Balancing with Two Dimensions in a Collaborative Environment; Proceedings of CIB W92 conference: ‘Project Procurement for Infrastructure Construction’; 7-10th of January 2004; Eds.: Dr. S. Kalidindi; Indian Institute of Technology, Madras; Chennai, India.