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Conference programme

The schedule for the conference is available via the website that will be the platform for the conference:
cirpdesign2021.utwente.nl (login required, login data has been made available to conference attendees) 

The conferences applies a system of parallel tracks, which will provide the authors the opportunity to summarize their work and conduct brief Q&A with the audience. Each track is subdivided in sessions of one hour each. Each of such sessions clusters three publications/presentations.

Per hour, there will be three online live presentations of 10-15 minutes each. Hence, each presenter is asked to have such a presentation ready, and be prepared to share that presentation via Zoom at the appropriate time.

After the three presentations, the remainder of the session focuses on questions and discussion on the three presentations. Since this is a full online event, the discussion in the sessions do necessarily need not stop when the next session starts. Each session can continue unmoderated after the scheduled time if participants wish to continue the discussion.

We will be using Zoom to host this virtual event (https://zoom.us/)